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About Secure MyVillage

Secure MyVillage is a powerful security platform that enables communities to protect and secure their residents and visitors. A technology-based solution that empowers community watch groups and security agencies to monitor, report and alert security services to issues in your area.

It is an effective and inexpensive crime prevention system and also a world class personal protection device.

Your security is in your hands.

How It Works

Crime Prevention Tool

Secure MyVillage is a security app designed to prevent crime in your neighbourhood.

Download the app and become the eyes and ears of the community. Help keep your community safe. Report issues through the app to your neighbourhood watch monitoring location. Your nieghbourhood watch can easily monitor the alerts from the comfort of home.

Reported issues can be passed onto the people who can deal with them, to prevent further issues.

Secure MyVillage is community powered crime prevention.

Is Your Village Secure?

Personal Security Device:

In extreme situations alerts can be instantly sent out to the ‘first response’ team of the local security services and local community watch, in any area that is covered. Get rapid response to your emergency when you need it.

The alert is also sent to your pre-selected contacts list.

Are you secure?

Key Features

For Individual Users

Alert Local Response Teams:

Your emergency alert notifies local security services and community watches wherever you go.

Emergency Alert:

Shake your phone in the event of an emergency and send out a call for help to your contacts list and local security response groups.

Report Issues:

Report suspicious activity or security risks in your neighbourhood. Let your local security services or neighbourhood watches know.

Meeting Timer:

Meeting allows you to feel safe when going into a potentially dangerous meeting or performing a dangerous task.

Point-to-Point Journey Tracker:

Journey allows you to set a start and end point. The app then automatically monitors the users journey.

For Security Agencies and Watch Groups

 Geo-Fencing: Allows you to identify temporary and permanent areas where users might not be safe or may encounter dangerous situations

User Report: Create incident reports for your community and monitor trends or changes so that you can be better prepared.

Mass Notifications: Receive important notifications from your community watch groups.

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